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Stan Moody:  Author, Scholar, Pastor, Chaplain, Entrepreneur, State Representative, and Registered Maine Guide. 

I invite you to share in my 4 passions - fly fishing, small business, politics and religion, none of which seems to offer a whole lot of hope these days but that have kept me engaged for most of my life.  From the banks of the Kennebec River to the West Bank of Palestine, you will find here a restless journey through trials and tributaries, always advocating for the person in exile, prodding the establishment and often missing the warning buoys in the harbors.
I hope you will find between the lines of my writing the person and work of my Lord, who relentlessly invites us away from our addictions to this world and into His Kingdom.
Please let me know who you are and share with me your passions and calling so that we might help each other advance a higher ideal than the empty American Dream of prosperity and success.  Thank you!  Stan Moody

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